Jun 17, 2020

I am configuring SSL VPN Client for SCCP IP Phones in the CUCM 8.0.3 and I'm having problems with CA certificate. Does anyone have any tips on how to solve. I have the following scenario: CUCM 8.0.3 -> ASA 5510 8.2(2)17 -> IP Phone VPN CP7942 9.0.3 I have the information below: Nov 09 2010 15:4 (Solved) Ssl Handshake Failed Certificate Validation Error It has login panel, where i do user Ssl0266e: Handshake Failed, Could Not Establish Ssl Proxy Connection logged when the server is leaking resources due to PI68803. hostname or IP address, the server is likely down or firewalled. SSL handshake failed with Nginx ubantu 10.0 - Security

Jan 02, 2020

Proxy protocol. Server send-proxy parameter. Follow flag check-send-proxy from the server line. Ciphered. connection Server's ssl parameter. Follow flag check-ssl from the server line. Protocol. TCP handshake. SSL, HTTP, LDAP, MySql, PgSQL, redis, SMTP, generic Send/Expect. Valid response. Depends on the protocol used

(Solved) Ssl Handshake Failed Certificate Validation Error

virtualhost - Apache AH01997: SSL handshake failed