Config# no ip igmp snooping. Config# inter vlan 1. Config-if)#ip igmp snooping. And What is the impact If I disable IGMP Snooping Querier globally and enable on specfic SVI? Config# no ip igmp snooping querier. Config# inter vlan 1. Config-if)#ip igmp snooping querier. Will IGMP snooping & Querier work for specific VLAN only If disabled

IGMP and IGMP Snooping IP multicast is the transmission of data packets to multiple hosts through a common IP address. Networks use Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) to control the flow of layer 3 multicast traffic. Hosts request and maintain Solved: Multicast, IGMP Snooping, BCMC Optimzation, etc Multicast, IGMP Snooping, BCMC Optimzation, etc ‎05-02-2016 02:17 PM - edited ‎05-02-2016 02:17 PM I've been attempting to get a grasp over all the multicast configurations that are available on our controllers and the behavior each one causes. Configuring and displaying IGMP (CLI) Displaying IGMP status for a VLAN. HP Switch(config)# show ip igmp vlan 1 IGMP Service Protocol Info Total VLANs with IGMP enabled : 30 Current count of multicast groups joined : 20 VLAN ID : 2 VLAN Name : VLAN2 IGMP version : 2 Querier Address : Querier Port : 1 Querier UpTime : 1h 51m 59s Querier Expiration Time : 2min 5sec Ports with multicast routers: 1, 5-6 Active Group IGMP - The Wireshark Wiki

What is IGMP Querying and IGMP Snooping and why would I

RFC 4541 - Considerations for Internet Group Management RFC 4541 IGMP and MLD Snooping Switches Considerations May 2006 2.1.2.Data Forwarding Rules 1) Packets with a destination IP address outside 224.0.0.X which are not IGMP should be forwarded according to group-based port membership tables and must also be forwarded on router ports. This is the main IGMP snooping functionality for the data path. IGMP Snooping | IGMP Snooping Operation ⋆ IpCisco IGMP Snooping is a Multicast mechanism that runs on Layer 2 switch. This mechanism checks the IGMP join, leave messages and record the information about user about the group that it joins or leaves. With this mechanism, Multicast Group Joins and leaves become effective.

If a IGMP Snooping enabled bridge does not receive a IGMP membership report after amount of last-member-interval, then the bridge considers that no one has subscribed to a certain multicast stream and can stop forwarding it. This property only has effect when igmp-snooping is set to yes. last-member-query-count (integer: 0..4294967295; Default: 2)

Turning off IGMP snooping will usually solve this problem, but if IGMP is needed then this FAQ can help with configuring the switch properly for use with IGMP and Shure devices. Dante flows are, by default, unicast (a one-to-one connection between two devices, versus transmitting packets to multiple destinations - multicast). What Is IGMP Snooping? - wiseGEEK