But ultimately, the best course of action is creating and scheduling company cybersecurity trainings that educate employees on what types of social engineering attacks they are vulnerable to, and how to avoid them. Talk to a Capstone IT for more information regarding cyber security awareness training.

Another example of social engineering would be that the hacker contacts the target on a social networking site and starts a conversation with the target. Gradually the hacker gains the trust of the target and then uses that trust to get access to sensitive … Social Engineering Scams on Social Media - Norton Things to Avoid. Generally speaking, social engineering is all about the plot leading up to the installation of malware, computer viruses, Trojan horses, and the like. Once a criminal gets a user to activate the bug, the story ceases to be relevant. How to avoid social engineering schemes using 11 tips Oct 28, 2015 How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Social Engineering - K2 May 16, 2019

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